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Creatively seeking challenges and emerging trends but still embracing classic flair.

and Project Manager
Mandy Arbilo

Mandy Arbilo

Mandy has a passion for photography and information technology. Currently based in the United Kingdom, he enjoys travelling and is very much a people-person.
Mandy has been a project manager in the information technolody industry for a few years now and finds the lifestyle thrilling, especially with the continual changes of online media.

and Developer
Cara Arbilo

Cara Arbilo

Cara is based in Australia and enjoys the arts, from music to paintings. On her time off, she spends it at the beach and with her dog, George.
Cara has been a graphic designer for several years, mainly in the print industry. She is creatively minded and adapts to the changing environment of design, which has led her to online web development.

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